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roomio  is a suite of web applications, having three digital-office components: room booking, desk booking and self registration, hereinafter referred to as "the Products".

The meeting room booking solution greatly simplifies the process of organizing a meeting: by using any internet enabled device, roomio displays room assignments, by taking information from the scheduling systems. The app accepts manually introduced data or fully automatically synchronized data from online calendar systems.  Moreover, assignment plans are automatically and immediately transferred to the display at the rooms' entrance, on electronic signage and interactive panels.

The desk booking solution was built to help companies optimize space management, empowering their employees to easily book a workstation that meets their needs. The app offers advanced filtering options by location or equipment, displays available spaces accordingly, and allows reservations of a particular workstation from one day up to 3 weeks.

The self registration solution is a multi-purpose visitor-management app, which guests use to announce their arrival and through which they are guided to the appropriate department or meeting room. The app enables corporations, hotels, factories, professional associations, co-working spaces, banks, hospitals, and multiple-tenant offices to effortlessly manage visitor or staff experience, offering different registration flows, for both visitors and employees.


If you are interested in one or more of the roomio suite digital office solutions you can always request a personalized offer sending an email to office@esolutions.ro, calling us at  +40753 029 187, or you can visit us to our headquarters in Strada General Constantin Budisteanu Nr. 28C, 4th floor, 1st District, Bucharest.

To use the room booking or self registration applications, it is necessary to install and configure it on tablets with Android operating system and create accounts for authentication.


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