The Future of The Workspace

How will technology change the workspace in the future?


April 28th, 2021

Flexible working environments have been on the rise for some time, particularly over the past year, as billions of people’s working environments have changed. As so many businesses have adapted and adopted remote work, it’s no surprise to find that flexible workplaces and desk booking solutions are becoming in more demand than ever before as we return to normality post-coronavirus.  

Remote work and co-working spaces aren’t a new phenomenon, but with so many people reaping the benefits of working from home, the future of work will look very different from what it looked like in 2019. So, what will that future look like? 

What does a typical workplace look like today? 

Because so many people’s jobs have recently shifted to remote work, companies have adopted flexible work options. One survey of 127 finance, real estate, HR and legal professionals found that 47% of employers plan to let their employees work remotely full-time, 43% plan to offer flex-days, and 42% plan to grant flexible working hours post-pandemic.

This drastic change in working environments has caused many to re-evaluate their priorities, whether they want more freedom to work from home or spend more time with family and less time commuting. And it’s not just the employees that would benefit from a flexible working situation. 27% of workers say that the option of working remotely is so important to them that they’d be prepared to take a 10% to 20% pay cut to enable this. The same survey found that 81% of people would be more loyal to their employer if they offered a flexible work plan. And that’s not to touch on the savings involved when you cut down on long-term office rental contracts.



What are the benefits of having remote and hybrid employees?  


Flexible workspaces are becoming more and more common – rather than spending thousands on rent per month for permanent office space, companies can rent desks in primary locations through desk booking solutions, offering their employees flexible options while still retaining the benefits of having employees working within the same space. This cuts down hugely on costly overheads while still offering employees and clients a professional space to meet in-person.

Offering employees the option to work from home full- or part-time also increases the likelihood of high productivity levels when they do come into the office. Employees who are allowed to work remotely a couple of days a week come into work feeling more rejuvenated and even rested. There’s a lot to be said for that extra half an hour in bed when you’d usually be on a crowded train or bus!

Allowing employees to choose their desks increases employee satisfaction, too. With a clear overview of the office space and the necessary equipment, employees can have a say in where they work. This creates a positive sense of control and choice, rather than ordering employees to sit at a certain desk and work in a particular way.  


A Flexible Work Environment

As a business owner or office manager, it can be hugely beneficial to create a dynamic working environment. If you’re invested in your employees’ mental health, work satisfaction and productivity, you’re likely also interested in flexibility across the board. Employers who offer flexible work arrangements now also have the option to provide flexibility within the workstation. 

Our desk booking solution offers the best of co-working spaces and more permanent office solutions. With Roomio, you can optimize space management, never wasting money on desks you don’t use. With our smart tools, you can analyze whether all your desks are being utilized, if you can cut down, or if you need to up your desk count.

We want to help you make the most of your office space and create a satisfying, comfortable work environment for everyone. Our app allows you to book desks with a filter based on your personal preferences like lighting, stationery, calibrated monitors and specific chairs – you can even see an overview of the room’s layout, so you can optimize every aspect of your employees’ working location. Work with others, in common spaces, and meet in conference rooms – we really do offer you the ultimate in workplace flexibility.

A well-organized workspace means more efficient work, productive employees and a higher general level of comfort. For more information on how our desk booking solution can help your business adopt hybrid working for good, give us a call to schedule your first meeting today.